KINVER looks set to get a new tourist attraction after plans were unveiled to recreate a village landmark.

The Friends of Kinver Open Spaces Group has launched a scheme to bring a long-lost lake back to life after getting the go-ahead from planners.

The group, which has the backing of South Staffordshire MP Gavin Williamson, is aiming to restore dried up Sterrymere Lake on Legion Drive next to the KCA building.

Gavin Williamson MP said: "It really would be wonderful if we were able to reinstate the lake. I am helping the scheme by talking to potential investors and raising public awareness as we will need every penny we can find to help get this really worthwhile project off the ground."

The lake dried up in the 1960s and the site is now just scrub land, the friends group says it need to raise around £110,000 to restore the area and create a pool 150 metres long and 25 metres wide.

The new lakesite will be cleared and replanted and the group hopes it will become a haven for wildlife including otters and bats.

David Tibbetts, project manager of Friends of Kinver Open Spaces Group, said: "This is about transforming an area of wilderness which is currently an absolute eyesore near the centre of the village.

"Once open I believe it could attract 5,000 visitors a month and be a perfect supplement to the nearby bowling green, football pitches and skate park."

John Cutler, chairman of the friends group, added: "Having now obtained planning permission, we are now embarking upon a major fund-raising exercise.

"We are encouraged by the universal support so far given by many sections of the community. While it is not possible to set a completion date at this stage, we are confident of a successful outcome."