A NEW £6,000 climbing frame is entertaining Dudley Zoo 's orangs utans and visitors alike.

Keepers spent three weeks transforming the external enclosure by demolishing the old play equipment and replacing it with a new larger wooden frame.

Bornean orang family, dad Jorong, mum Jazz and one-year-old Sprout were kept indoors while the transformation took place, but eagerly explored their new adventure playground when the work was completed.

The new frame includes decking over the moat, swinging and climbing ropes and multi-level platforms – with the top levels providing a great place to spy on zoo visitors!

Team Leader Upper Primates, Pat Stevens, said: "The wooden play frame was designed and built in-house by our keepers, giving Jorong, Jazz and baby Sprout more space and equipment to climb and play with.

"The orangs love it and spend much more time playing on the frame, while the visitors are amused by their antics, particularly when male, Jorong, dangles over the water and washes his face in the moat!"