So I took my driving test a couple weeks ago, and even though I'm happy I've done it and pleased with myself for passing first time, I can't believe how much money and work it was!

I had two driving instructors (as my first instructor changed her job before I was ready to take my test) both of which were great and helped me in every way possible to pass. However, driving lessons alone are around £21 per hour and I had about 20 lessons. Then on top of that, the the theory test is £31 and then the practical test is £62+. It is so expensive to pass your driving nowadays, when you finally pass do you have any money left to buy a car, insure it and pay for its fuel consumption?

I spent a lot of time revising for my theory test, reading through the theory test book (which was around £12). I ended up failing first time and having to re-take it, costing me £62 to take my theory test.

The cost is one thing, and if you have the money then I suppose it is not such a big issue, however the effort and time dedication needed now compared to thirty years ago is unbelievable!

After passing my driving test I am obviously much more aware of other road users and possible dangers around me, but not everybody seems to be! After having lessons with two qualified instructors I am used to doing things like indicating when leaving roundabout, giving way where instructed, and leaving a good distance between you and the car in front. Not every driver complies to these things! They have been driving for years and, although they may have experience, they forget the simple things that can cause accidents on the road.

People who took their driving tests thirty odd years ago don't have as much knowledge of the current highway code as new drivers do. Habits have been formed by those that have been driving for years, like driving in neutral, using the handbrake to stop a car, and rarely indicating! Because of this, I think that a "mini-driving test" should be taken every 10 years. This should not be as costly as our main test to get our license.

People should constantly be aware of the rules of the roads so they are not a danger to others! I think everyone should be able to have the opportunity to drive if they want to and can do safely. Making driving so expensive only means that people take longer to pass as they take longer to save up the money to pay for the tests, reducing the price would make people want to drive more.