PROSPECTIVE university students can spend up to £100 a month on clothes, a UCAS survey has found.

The results of the latest applicant lifestyle survey - conducted by student marketing specialist UCAS Media - show that dressing well is still high on the agenda.

More than 30% [of 24,000 students surveyed] said they spent between £21 and £50 a month on clothes, while 15% are shelling out between £51 and £100.

Further down the scale, 27% of those surveyed spend between £10 and £20 a month on outfits.

Most students (77%) said they preferred to browse for clothes in high street stores, with 13% saying they bought their wardrobe online. In contrast, 70% said they purchased music online and over 60% said they went to the web to find holidays and books.

The majority of students will spend between £21 and £50 a month on nights out, the research found.

Keith Parkman of UCAS Media said: “It’s clear that students see buying clothes as an important lifestyle choice - retailers shouldn’t ignore this.

“It’s worth looking at how students shop for different items. Most will still visit the high street to find clothes but when it comes to music, books and holidays young people are going online.

“Understanding the subtle differences in students’ buying habits, across different product groups, will enable marketers to tailor their customer contact accordingly."