WEST Midlands Conservative MEP Philip Bradbourn has been appointed as Shadow Draftsman on a report which will look at making the transfer of vehicles easier and cheaper between member states.

The report will make recommendations that would ensure that car owners are not charged huge amounts to transfer registration by the country to which they are importing.

It will also seek to streamline the process of registering vehicles by exploring the possibility of a system of common registration documents for use across all Member States.

The report will begin its journey through Parliament during this summer and will be discussed by the Transport and Tourism committee before it is debated by a full assembly of MEPs.

Mr Bradbourn said: “It is vitally important that we have a system whereby people who are taking their vehicle abroad on a permanent or semi-permanent basis are able to do so without being charged an extortionate figure or getting lost in a bureaucratic maze.

“I will be working hard to achieve this and I am looking forward to a successful outcome."