HEARTS will be skipping a beat this Valentine’s weekend when a terrifying new event is held at a secret location near Stourbridge.

Horror fans will feel like they are living their own scary movie according to the creators of the Evil Rising interactive chase game which made its debut in Worcester last Halloween.

The ghoul, zombie, blood and gore filled scare soiree proved such a success that another is to be held from February 15 to 19 at a top secret location near Stourbridge.

Organisers will only reveal where fear junkies should meet up once they have signed up for the nerve-jangling event which uses actors and special effects to guide participants on a terrifying one to two-hour tour.

Worcestershire businessman Scott Jenkins, who devised the Evil Rising concept after visiting the London dungeons with his family, said: “We feel the public need something else other than going to the movies or the pub, especially in these turbulent times.

“We do things never before attempted and take traditional formats such as murder mystery to a whole new level.”

“We had two national review companies come to review the event in Worcester and both agreed it was the best of its kind in the UK.

“So after the sell-out success we decided to do another one with a whole new story line and this time around it’s 100 per cent inside.”

The latest chilling challenge centres around a fictional paranormal investigator and his team sent to investigate creepy goings on at an old army bunker which, legend has it, was welded shut at the end of WWII to keep inside a rogue British soldier who was thought to have murdered his comrades and removed their hearts from their chests.

Creative director Mr Jenkins said: “We have gone to huge efforts in terms of detail and scripts. This event is not for the faint-hearted, but those who have the stomach for something new, inventive and a little bit scary. They will have a night they will never forget.”

Tickets for the event cost £20 each. To find out more check out website www.evilrising.co.uk