COMMUNITY spirited campaigners who wage war on litter-strewn Stourbridge streets are calling for people to join them for a pint.

Tidy Stourbridge formed in 2010 to clean up the streets, parks and public spaces of the town.

It was prompted by a Twitter campaign by @StourbridgeDump which highlighted Stourbridge’s grot spots.

The group is running an initiative called Pick’n’Pint, which encourages people to get together at a pub for a drink plus spending an hour and a half picking up litter in the surrounding area.

Roger Kendrick, from Tidy Stourbridge, said: “We were sick of seeing all the rubbish left about and knowing the council, with all its cuts, couldn’t possibly get round to it all.

“We have got kit from the council and meet once a fortnight to litter pick for around one and a half hours.

“We find all sorts of things including beds, wheelbarrows, bikes, shopping trolleys, all sorts of horrible stuff.

“The Pick’n’Pint meetings make it a social occasion as well. We would welcome like minded people who are also fed up of seeing rubbish around, to come along.

“We feel like we are doing some good.”

Dudley Council leader David Sparks said the group was doing good work which “showed people care” but that community litter picks “should not substitute the local authority carrying out its statutory role as a waste collection and disposal authority.”

The group, which often works with local councillors, recently welcomed a donation of 1,000 rubbish bags from Manchester firm Duo.

Volunteers will gather at Balds Lane Tavern, Balds Lane, Lye, this Sunday (October 27) for a Pick’n’Pint, then at the Windsor Castle, Lye Cross on Sunday November 10, followed by the Ten Arches, Penfields Road, Stourbridge, on Sunday November 24. In the new year they will gather at The Maverick, Brettle Lane, Amblecote on Sunday January 12, followed by the Rose and Crown, High Street, Wordsley, on Sunday January 26.

All the meetings start at 2pm.

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