SNAP happy photography enthusiasts are looking for new members to join their Brierley Hill club.

The Photographic Image Club holds weekly sessions to delve into the creative, technical and social sides of digital photography.

Members also have occasional outings for photographic shoots and social events.

Chairman, Roger Bowater, said: “We aim to encourage amateur photographers at all levels to obtain greater pleasure from their photography and to turn their snaps into 'wow' photographs, to learn what to look for when capturing that special moment.

"Today’s modern digital cameras, whether they are compact point and shoot or DSLR can do many things, but a lot of people never take the camera out of auto or programmed mode, letting the camera do everything.

"We want to get them to think about all the other functions that digital cameras can perform and to use these to produce better photographs.”

The group meets every Wednesday between 10:30am and 12:30pm at the St John Ambulance Centre, Bent Street.

For more information, visit or call Mr Bowater on 07885345123.