LYE residents are being asked to suggest a new location for the town clock.

The cast iron pillar clock, designed by borough artist Steve Field, was removed from Lye Pocket Park yesterday (Thursday), as the future of the land is being reconsidered by the owner.

Dudley Council was given permission by the previous owner to refurbish the land as a temporary public space in the 1980s, complete with street furniture and clock.

Benches will be relocated to the nearby Butterfly Children’s Centre, but the new setting for the ornate clock, which is currently being stored by Lye firm Boro Foundry, is still being considered.

Councillor Judy Foster, cabinet member for regeneration, said: “Lye clock is special, as it was designed to reflect the industries that have traditionally been present in the area.

"In the stem there are shapes of frost cogs, which were items invented in Lye and placed on the bottom of horse shoes to stop horses from slipping in ice.

"The hour and minute hands are in the shape of nails, and at the top there is a design to suggest a man shoeing a horse."

She continued: “We would like to put the clock in the High Street area of Lye and it would be useful to hear the views of local people.”

Suggestions can be made by emailing or calling 0300 5552345, by the end of July.