A STOURBRIDGE youngster who has not missed a day of primary school in seven years has been given a special send off.

Aran Palmer, aged 10, will leave Ham Dingle Primary School this month with an impressive 100 per cent attendance record.

Staff at the school in Old Ham Lane, Pedmore, have no record of this being done in the past and have recognised the achievement by presenting Aran with a certificate and a gift voucher.

Aran said: "I have enjoyed all of my time at Ham Dingle and I’m really pleased to have been given the certificate. I’m now looking forward to a summer holiday before starting secondary school.”

Headteacher, Jo Davies, added: “We have excellent attendance records at Ham Dingle but it always something that we are striving to improve even further.

"We always aim for 100 per cent attendance but for Aran to have gone through his entire primary school life with a day off is a wonderful achievement.”