SHOPPERS at Morrisons in Kingswinford will no longer have to rummage around for a pound coin to use a trolley.

The store has removed all trolley locks in response to customer feedback, which called for quicker and easier shopping trips.

A team visited the store yesterday (July 10) to update all the trolley fixtures, removing the need to insert a £1 coin or token to release a trolley from its bay.

Robert Evans, the store's deputy general manager, said: “Our nation is getting busier and we have less free time than previous generations. Customers in Kingswinford have told us that they want a quicker shop.

"The removal of trolley locks is just one of the many improvements we are making to our store – to make for a faster and easier shopping trip.”

Morrisons is removing 150,000 locks from trolleys at its stores nationwide this month.