WIDOWS in Stourbridge are being invited to join a social networking group to help rebuild their social life.

Women who have lost their partners are encouraged to get in touch with The Jolly Dollies so they can organise social events in the area.

Members also talk to each other via an online forum and a monthly newsletter is also sent out to those who do not have access to the internet, to keep them in the loop.

Founder of The Jolly Dollies, Yvonne Vann said: "My husband was poorly for a long time and when he died, I realised I had forgotten how to socialise as I'd spent so long looking after him.

"I happened to meet another widow and we started going out and I thought there must be so many women in the same situation."

She continued: "Jolly Dollies groups offer friendship and the complete understanding that can only be found if you have been through the life changing experience of loss.

"We can put women in touch with other members in their area and we already have one member in Hagley, who really wants to start a group to meet for coffee, go for walks or do pub quizzes."

To become a member, visit www.thejollydollies.com or email thejollydollies@gmail.com.