VANDALS have scrawled obscene graffiti on a shelter recently installed in a Wordsley park.

Pornographic images were drawn on the table and seating area of the shelter, at King George V Park last night (Tuesday August 12).

The table also has a charred patch where someone appears to have set fire to it.

Friends of Wordsley Park, who funded the shelter, are disappointed with the mindless vandalism and publicity officer Geoff Paddock said action was being taken today (Wednesday) to cover the graffiti up.

He said: "We have sourced some dark polyurethane paint and our vice chairman Ruth Page will be painting it so it is in a fit state for the public to use."

UKIP Councillor Paul Brothwood, who represents the Wordsley ward, had offered to pay for the paint using his councillor's allowance but the offer was declined by the group.

Explaining why, Mr Paddock said: "The councillor offered to pay from his councillor's allowance but as a group, we are strictly non-political, so we refused the kind offer.

"Although if he were to make a personal donation, it would be happily accepted."