STOUBRIDGE’S award-winning theatre group Side by Side made waves at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with their performance of Illyria on Sea.

The show, a fast-paced adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night put on by actors with learning disabilities, ran at Augustine United Church from August 12 to 16.

The outing was the critically-acclaimed group’s sixth appearance at the world famous festival – and it followed their annual production at Stourbridge Town Hall in June.

Side by Side’s artistic director Sue Wallin devised the piece, which is set at a 1950s seaside resort and which combines dance, music, mine and dialogue, and the group worked with Tony Lidington - the UK’s leading expert on sea-side entertainment – during the rehearsal process.

The company also received training and support from classically trained Shakespearian actors, as the play is part of the Royal Shakespeare Companies Open Stages Project.

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