LAUGHTER yoga teacher Maggie Thompson has been recognised for her efforts to bring smiles and joy to people.

Merrie Maggie, as she is known, was presented with the laughter ambassador award from the founder of the laughter Yoga movement, Dr Madan Kataria, at the Global Laughter Conference in Frankfurt.

Maggie, who runs two local laughter clubs in the area on a monthly basis in Wordsley and Dudley as well as certified yoga laughter leader training sessions, said: "When I was notified I had gained this award I felt absolutely thrilled and privileged to have this recognition.

"I absolutely love doing this work, knowing that it brings so many health benefits as well as being a lot of fun."

Merrie Maggie's next laughter clubs will take place at Wordsley Green Community Centre, Wordsley Green, from 7pm to 8pm on Monday August 14 and at the Mata Da Mandir Centre, 57-59 King Street, Dudley, from 1.15pm to 2.15pm on Thursday August 17.

Sessions are free but Maggie would be grateful of donations to cover the cost of room hire.

For more information check out or call 07565 218567, email