CUSTOMERS and staff at a Stourbridge pub went 'barking mad' as they celebrated the '100th birthday' of a dog.

Alfie the Jack Russell – a regular at the New Inn on the corner of Cherry Street and Glebe Lane – is 14, which the locals worked out was the equivalent of 100 in 'dog years'.

So Becky and Andy Parkes and their 24-year-old son George invited everyone to a “pawty” to mark her centenary.

They put up a poster inviting anyone who wished to turn up and laid on a buffet for both humans and doggy guests.

Around 50 people attended, plus several other four-legged friends, to toast her big birthday – and there were doggy bags for animals to take home with them.

Mrs Parkes, who lives in nearby Witton Street, said: “Alfie is a very special part of our family and often comes down to the pub with us.

“We bought her from a farm at Worcester when she was just a few weeks old and she’s been with us ever since.

“I know Alfie is a boy’s name but we chose the name before going to choose a dog – and she turned out to be a girl but we just stuck with it. She’s a real character and a loving family dog.

“When I mentioned earlier in the year that she was 14, some of the locals pointed out that, because each year is the equivalent of seven years to a dog, she would be 100 by this time in August.

“And we couldn’t let that go by unmarked so decided to hold a party for her at the New Inn.”

Alfie was showered with cards – including one marked as a “telegram from the corgis” – and gifts of dog toys and treats, which were woofed down by the canine guests.

There was a cake made from dog food, with imitation bones around the side, and a human one with a photo of the 100-year-old on the top, made by pub regular Deborah Clarke.

Guitarist George Parkes strummed for guests during the Sunday afternoon party and set up a play list of dog themed tunes, including You Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog and Who Let the Dogs Out?

He said: “It was a really lovely day and we were so grateful to everyone who came and brought thoughtful cards and presents for Alfie.

“Some people may think we are barking mad to throw a party for a dog – but she is so special to us that we just had to do it.

“Alfie herself lasted well for an old girl at the party but had to retire for the hair of the dog after about three hours. It was a very jolly occasion and no doubt some of the human guests felt a bit woof the next day.”

New Inn landlady Linda Anslow said: “Becky did such a fabulous job of organising Alfie’s party – quirky and brilliant.”