A WORLD famous Lye bodybuilding coach and contest judge has been honoured with a gold gong for his meticulous score-keeping.

Jim Charles, who has been organising and judging musclemen competitions for more than 50 years, was named top judge at the NABBA (National Amateur Body-Builder’s Association) world congress event in Belfast for his precision judging at the association’s Britain and Universe competitions.

The accolade means 73-year-old Jim, who runs Jim's Gym in Lye, will now head up the judging panel at the NABBA World Championships in Dublin on June 2.

He said: “We’ve always been judged on our score keeping but five-time Mr Universe winner Eddy Ellwood said it would be a nice gesture if we were complimented for our efforts.”

The award is not the only honour bestowed on Jim in recent years.

In 2010 he picked up a lifetime achievement award at the National Fitness Awards - and in 2008 he received a surprise personal letter congratulating him on his 50-year career from the biggest name to ever emerge from the bodybuilding world - Hollywood star turned California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.