THE National Front has launched its Norton by-election campaign with a pledge to speak for all constituents.

NF candidate Kevin Inman says he wants to be tough on anti-social behaviour by encouraging police to break up problem gangs of youths and lobbying for a ban on alcohol consumption on the streets.

Mr Inman, who lives in Upper Gornal, also denies he represents a racist party and argues Norton non-whites have no reason to be afraid of the NF.

He said: "The word racist has cost many British people their right to speak out.

"The non-white residents or indeed any other resident should have nothing to fear, if I was to be elected I would represent everyone on the ward and I would do my best to help them.

"I believe the National Front to be a credible alternative to the larger parties because we would get Britain out of the European Union, we are the only party that will defend our British heritage and tradition."

The National Front's policy statement pledges to uphold Britain as a "white country" by halting non-white immigration and introducing a policy of "phased and humane" repatriation.

Another party looking to get onto Dudley Council with a win in Norton is UKIP, who are putting up former RAF fireman Glen Wilson for the June 21 vote.

During the recent local elections UKIP's Paul Barton beat the Lib Dems and the Greens to third place in the ward but he has been forced to miss out on a second chance to take the seat after undergoing major surgery.

Stourbridge resident Glen Wilson said: "I joined UKIP as it is the only party that represents my views and it seems the majority of the UK.

He says he will campaign for local referendums on big issues, like Dudley's failed city status bid, and against suggestions for a skate park on Mary Stevens Park.

Mr Wilson said: "Mary Stevens Park is a haven of tranquillity. It should not be a home for the feral youth of the borough."

The full list of candidates for the Norton by-election is: Chris Bramall (Lib Dem), Colin Elcock (Conservative), Kevin Inman (National Front), Adnan Rashid (Labour), Benjamin Sweeny (Green) and Glen Wilson (UKIP).