QUARRY Bank film-maker David Tristram’s second feature flick about comedy cop Inspector Drake premieres tomorrow night (Friday October 12).

‘Inspector Drake 2 - The Seagull’ - based on Tristram’s popular play series about the legendary lawman - will make its big screen debut at Wolverhampton’s Lighthouse Cinema.

The second dose of Drake on celluloid promises to be “sharper, tighter and funnier than the original” according to writer and director David - and it sees the 1930s detective (played by Stourbridge actor Alan Birch) on the hunt for a ruthless serial killer, believed to be a six-foot tall seagull, who has committed a hat-trick of murders in a hat shop.

The movie will also be screened at Highbury in Birmingham on Saturday October 13, at the Lighthouse Cinema, Wolverhampton, on Saturday October 20, and at The Swan Theatre, Worcester, on Monday November 12.

For full screening details and tickets visit website www.inspectordrake.com