A GROUP of Brierley Hill knitters got their Jubilee celebrations stitched up with a bonanza of home-made bunting.

The hall at Brierley Hill Methodist Church, Bank Street, is decked out with around 100 feet of knitted decorations made by the craft group based at the church.

The unusual line of flags was created in two afternoons by around 30 members of the group for their jubilee party on May 29.

Craft group leader, Frances Bloore, said: "It looks quite attractive, better than the stuff in the shops and we had a good laugh making it.

"We made the flags and stitched them onto some cord, it was not difficult which is why we had such fun doing it."

The knitted bunting looks like becoming a must-have item for jubilee celebrations.

It will remain in the hall for the church's celebrations at the weekend before being taken to another event in Hagley.

Frances Bloore added: "People seem to like it, we have had another enquiry from a lady who wants it for her party - it's like it is going on tour."