On Tuesday May 4 at 7.30pm, the monthly meeting was held at the Comunity Centre, Enville Road, Wall Heath.

The meeting was opened by Amanda Ridney.

The meeting was very well attended.

A small plant sale took place with lots of interest.

Bridget Bradlet did a delightful demonstration for members on making a cheesecake.

What a delicious cake for members to sample later.

The demonstration of making the cake was excellent with all members being very interested and asked Bridget many questions on products she used.

Leaflets were passed around to members on monthly gardening hints which were very well received.

All members provided a plate of food to make up for a very nice supper to follow.

Bridget cheesecake went very well.

The club meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm.

Details can be obtained from Dennis Turner 01384 834677.