I READ with disgust the news to close Broadfield House Glass Museum. This museum is central to Stourbridge’s identity as a significant centre of glass and without it we will cease to attract numerous visitors to the area. Whilst the council could argue that the Cone provides a suitable alternative location, anyone that has visited both sites would agree that this is rubbish. Broadfield House is a beautiful, tranquil location and I know many thousands of pounds have been spent in the past making it a secure location. This money would now need to be spent at the Cone. I would guess that the decision to close the museum is centred on the development potential of the land which would generate a sizeable lump sum for the council should the land be sold!

As a descendant of George Woodall, one of the notable cameo glass makers in Stourbridge, and owner of a piece of George Woodall Cameo glass, for many years our family piece has been displayed in the museum. My brother, Christopher Perry wrote a book on George Woodall and was instrumental in launching a unique exhibition of Woodall cameo glass at the museum several years ago. This history cannot be lost to cost cutting bureaucrats and with this in mind I feel certain that should Dudley Met close Broadfield House I would have no hesitation, out of protest, offering the piece to one of the national museums rather than to support this disgraceful move. What a shame and a loss to the area.

V Perry Wollaston