I CANNOT find words to express my utter horror at the death of the young horse at Fens Pool Nature Reserve.

What is happening to our society that a beautiful, innocent, defenceless creature can become the victim of such appalling cruelty?

So much is happening which is not acceptable to decent human beings.

Our parks are being ruined by vandals. Mary Stevens Park is a disgraceful mess after a weekend.

So much for alcohol-free zones!

I counted 30 empty cans and many bottles around just one area of the park. That lot was not left in five minutes.

Broken glass and discarded takeaway cartons added to the mess.

I am sure the police are busy but something needs to be done to put a halt to all this behaviour.

Parents, do you know where your children are? Do you know what they are doing?

If your children are out on motorbikes, where are they going? Responsibility must lay somewhere for all this unnacceptable behaviour.

What about policing? Clearly there are not enough to keep our local community in order.

Who can I, as a senior citizen, turn to for some reassurance that one day there will be an end to all the dreadful things that are going on in our community?

The majority of people are decent and hard working and deserve better than this. These little “wars” may grow into something that will eventually become uncontrollable.

Did we learn no lessons from the riots in London and major cities? Prevention is better than cure.

Mrs P Orchard Lye