AS a local businessman who has run an electrical store in Amblecote for 50 years, it was very heart-warming to read your "Think Local, Shop local, Be local" article.

It certainly resonates with me as I started my charitable trust 15 years ago to show appreciation of all the local customers who have supported my business over the years and to be able to put something back into the local community.

I have helped some 1,200 different organisations and charities so far.

It’s sad that the impact of online shopping has affected us as well as other local retailers.

Due to this, some of my experienced staff have had to reduce their working hours due to reduction of sales.

Finally, when I read that firms like Amazon are registered abroad and don’t pay Corporation Tax, this compounds the problem for the country’s deficit and the Government’s shortfall, leaving us the taxpayers with more overheads.

Geoff Hill MBE Amblecote