I READ with great interest your story of Dudley South Ladies Luncheon.

The Giles family of Ashwood Lodge is mentioned; this is my family; they lived there for a few generations.
My great grand father was John Causer Giles; born 1807 in Ashwood Lodge; his father John was also born there.
I have visited Ashwood Lodge a few times as I search my Ancestry. I would be so happy if any one could tell me any thing they may know of the Giles family; or any pictures they may have. the last Giles that I know of to have lived in Ashwood Lodge was Edward Causer Giles; my great grand uncle. He died at Ashwood Lodge in 1893; he and his wife, Sarah nee Evans had no children. I am sending a picture of Ashwood Lodge that I took  on one of my visits.
Thank you.
Maureen Endicott
Nanaimo BC