Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Six of the best room illuminators.

By Peter Jenkinson

With the skies illuminated in various hues at this time of year as we remember, remember the fifth of November, take inspiration and brighten up your indoor environment as well.

Here are some fixtures that'll add a splash of colour to your rooms.

Shape-shifter - Tetris Mood Lamp - £29.99 from

The eight-bit block-building game has been with us since the 1980s and those of us who wasted more time than we care to mention on this Russian import can now reminisce in a relaxed fashion. Connect one of the blocks to the plug and, as each one of the others is placed on top, they will each light up using the very latest in lamp technology.

Silly Money - Giant Lava Lamp - £3,380 at

Looking for something with the wow factor? Then this is for you. Standing at 2m tall, this updated retro classic is made by Mathmos, the creator of the original lamps, and the techies there will create a bespoke base and cap for your new custom-built tube. But you may have to wait until your lucky numbers come up before heading towards the 'buy' button.

Moody Hues - LED Colour-changing Bulb - £24.95 from

Replace boring lamp or overhead light fittings with one of these multi-colour bulbs. With a remote control included, you can choose from four separate lighting effects, from party strobe to plain illuminate, and then from one of 16 colour combinations to match your mood.

Smartphone System - Philips Hue Starter Pack - £179 from Apple stores nationwide

Connect these to your existing sockets and, with the assistance of an app on your smartphone, you can control almost every aspect of your illuminating devices from a tap on the screen. From adjusting the various hues that it produces, to dimming the display and setting timers, these bulbs can also be set to gradually simulate sunshine - handy if you want to wake up gradually on these dark mornings.

Lights Fantastic - Dual Laser Projector - £59.95 from

This is a serious bit of kit. Despite its diminutive form, the dual lasers combine red and green hues to create an exciting light display. It comes with multiple speed settings as well as a sound-response mode, and it can be attached to the ceiling or the supplied tripod.

Take Away - Portable 256 Colour Uplighter - £24.99 from

You can scroll through an array of 256 colours on this palm-sized, USB-charged device. Via the touch-sensitive scroller, you can opt to stick with one hue or set it to go through the entire palette. It's ideal for brightening up your day wherever you go.

App of the week - Explore Shakespeare - £9.99 each at iTunes

From the casual reader to the serious historian, the Explore Shakespeare apps from Cambridge University Press offer a wealth of information to experience, explore and examine some of the world's greatest literature. These amazing apps allow you to read, listen and interact with the characters and text. Macbeth and Romeo And Juliet are the first releases.