New green technology can now give homes hot water all the year round for an average price of only 1.45p per day and even heat your swimming pool cheaply, says Stourbridge energy expert Colin Priest.

The Energie Solar Thermodynamic panels can extract heat from the atmosphere not only when the sun is shining, but also when it is raining and windy – and even during the night, added Colin, who lives in Quarry Bank and works for Noreus Ltd in Stafford.

He said: “This ensures the system is suitable in Britain and northern Europe where during the winter it is light for just seven hours a day with up to three or four hours of sunshine.

“It allows people to have cheaper water 365 days a year and can cut the bills of those who have oil or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) heating by up to 60 per cent and those with gas by up to 45 per cent.”

Another benefit was for those with a swimming pool at their home who at the moment may only use it on average for six weeks during the summer.

“Now people can afford to heat their pool all year round and it will be invaluable for those with medical conditions such as arthritis who need to exercise in water regularly,” added Colin, pictured.

The system works like a refrigerator in reverse using a completely safe, non toxic and environmentally friendly refrigerant in the panels, instead of water or anti freeze. As it circulates inside the panel it is transformed into a gas and absorbs heat from the atmosphere in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside. It then passes through a heat exchanger coil inside the water cylinder increasing the pressure of the gas and so heating the water. As the pressure is increased, the gas turns back into a liquid and is sent back to the solar panel to restart the continuous process.

The Energie Solar Thermodynamic panels are quieter than air heat pumps, use less energy and don’t need an electric heater in frosty weather.

Colin said the other benefits of the system are that they can be installed in a day, are easy to maintain – residents need to check the magnesium anode on the tank once a year – and have a five-year warranty, though the average lifetime of a thermodynamic solar panel is around 20 years.

Other advantages are that they don’t have to be installed on the roof, they can be put on a terrace, balcony or even in the garden and householders don’t need planning permission.

The panels, which weigh only 8 kg each, can also be painted, preferably in dark colours, to fit into the architecture of the home without compromising its efficiency.

“Although there is an initial outlay for the panels the system will pay for itself in the long term,” concluded Colin For more details about Energie Solar Thermodynamic panels and other energy saving ideas call Colin on 0845 474 6641.