CRADLEY picked up another hard fought win on their travels, beating the Stoke Potters 47-43.

The win means the Heathens extend their unbeaten run to 11 meetings- despite finishing the contest with only five riders.

Steve Worrall and Matt Williamson were already missing due to being involved in the Premier League Fours, before guest Benji Compton was forced to withdraw after suffering two falls.

Heathens Team Manager Will Pottinger was relieved to pick up three more league points and was full of praise for his riders.

"We knew it was going to be a tough meeting before we came here, but to pull off a four point win with only five riders is a fantastic achievement by the lads," he said.

"Tom (Perry), Max (Clegg) and Starkey (Paul Starke) were all excellent and proved to be a solid top end.

"Nathan (Greaves) was fantastic and it always helps when you've got a free-scoring reserve who can perform like that.

"Danny (Phillips) struggled a bit at times but his couple of points were vital in the end and he had a great ride in Heat 8 to get third after starting 15 metres back.

"Sometimes luck goes for you and at other times it goes against you, thankfully it was on our side and we were able to capitalise on a few mistakes made by their riders to pick up some important points.

"It was just another remarkable effort from the team and it means we keep our good run of form going and pick up some more important league points."

Stoke Potters 43: James Sarjeant 12+1, Ben Hopwood 9+1, Jon Armstrong 6+1, Chris Widman 5, Lee Payne 5, Rob Shuttleworth 4+1, Adam Kirby 2.

Cradley Heathens 47: Tom Perry 15, Nathan Greaves 11, Max Clegg 10+1, Paul Starke, 9+2, Danny Phillips 2, Benji Compton 0.