CRADLEY hero Danny Ayres wants the sweet taste of success more than ever.

Ayres has rattled up two maximums in Heathens colours in recent meetings – and he’s also piled up the points in the Premiership with Leicester.

Now he wants more of the same, starting at the Isle of Wight this Thursday and Buxton on Sunday.

Heathens are on the road before heading back to Wolverhampton on May 29 against Belle Vue in a tough Bank Holiday clash.

“It was always going to be difficult going to Cradley after the meeting at Rye House for Leicester on the last Bank Holiday,” said Ayres. “The high I had was so immense, I felt physically drained and a bit ill going into that one.

“Sadly, we couldn’t quite put it together for the maximum but it has really come together for me in this league in recent weeks.

“I am growing in confidence and here to take the National League over and will keep doing everything in my power to achieve that.

“You can’t be too hard on yourself but if I wasn’t disappointed with that then I’d give up. People tell me to be positive and I am but I am also a racer and I don’t like being beaten.

“The day that feeling goes, that I am happy to settle for anything less, is the time to stop. I am always hungry for this, it is just the way I am.

“I have put so much into this so when it doesn’t go quite right, I beat myself up. I go home, analyse things and come back stronger and that won’t change no matter what my scores are.”

Last Saturday saw Ayres have a mixed night while representing the Heathens in a 46-43 challenge defeat at much-changed Leicester.

He won heat four despite losing his saddle but after scoring eight from three outings, locked up during heat 13 and then missed the two minutes due to a mechanical fault in heat 15. He went off 15 metres but was unable to catch up.

“I have never had anything like that before,” looking back at his uncomfortable ride. “I think that was where the motocross came into it but when I looked round, I saw I was still winning.

“I am a racer and I don’t give up. It was a good one to win, I just hate going away from a meeting feeling a bit frustrated.”