Roll up, roll up for the double header which could settle the Race to Avoid 17th in the Premiership, writes Steve Zacharanda.

Sunderland and then Bolton are games which actually mean something for the Villa in what is now annoyingly called “the business end of the season.”

I’m not one for bold predictions but I reckon, wait for it, we might draw both games, without scoring many goals.

That I reckon would save us from being ejected out of the world’s most boring league for a season.

With our superior goal difference and the dross below us I think we are pretty safe anyway as long as we don't lose every game from now until the party, err I mean Norwich.

Martin O’Neil returns tomorrow and it is sure to be a strange occasion because when everyone sings “you don’t know what your doing” the old adversaries will probably exchange glances wondering which manager is being sung about.

Some Villa fans hate MON as much as they hate McLeish, I don’t, we had some great times under him, but he ended up probably staying a season too long, albeit we got to Wembley twice that year.

He left us with some real overpaid dross, but most managers seem to do that, what we have never recovered from is how he left us, in the lurch, at the altar.

I can not forgive him for that as it triggered off a sequence of events which led us to having McLeish in the dugout.

Like when your mrs kicks you out on a Friday night and then wonders why you woke up in the cells on Sunday morning with horrible taste in your mouth and no idea what charges await you.

I hear there might be another McLeish Out day tomorrow, which is strange because I thought that was every day of the week these days.

Fans are being urged to turn their back when the manager walks out at kick off, it wont work, McLeish will probably think the Holte is doing the Posnan he is that thick-skinned.

More likely he will probably think everyone is wearing sky blue sweaters as there will be plenty of empty seats again.

I’m going to do something radical during both games and actually support my local team against some other team I have no affinity to. Mad aren’t I?

The club is in trouble, it should be safety first and McLeish Out after, the compensation will rocket with a mid-season sacking, but the season tickets are not selling well, and that is the key, not half-cocked protests when most fans are down the pub.

Hopefully our kids will have a point to prove against MON tomorrow as they all know they probably would have been farmed out to Cowdenbeath or sold to Blues if he had stayed.

But Bolton is the crunch game, they beat us in the cup and must be praying disaster zone Albrighton plays again as he had a nightmare that night, crossing into the stands and giving the ball away for the winner.

As the FA Cup will be the battle of the clubs with questionable attitudes to racism the Bolton Villa game will be the sympathy clash of the clubs with stricken players.

Thankfully their fella is back on the mend and hopefully Petrov will be soon, we miss him in midfield and we miss him as captain because Gabby is not captain material.

How can he gee the players up from all those blind alleys he is running down?

Bent is injured so it is up to Gabby to play like he did earlier this season, then again it can’t be easy for any striker in such a negative team whilst being shoved out on the wing.

He does have a knack of scoring in big games, so against a habit of a lifetime I might even put a few cheeky quid on him scoring first tomorrow.

Up the Villa - whatever league we are in.

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