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Kyle is a Midlands-based Film & Theatre Critic who produces reviews, features, celebrity and talent interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes content across 8 of our papers online. Recent interviews include the likes of Sir Ian Mckellen, comedian Julian Clary, 'Avengers' starlet Scarlett Johansson, Steve 'Phil Mitchell' McFadden and Torchwood/Doctor Who/Arrow star John Barrowman. He is also an internationally-recognised Tolkien superfan, and 'Chief' of the Hobbit Fan Fellowship.

Latest articles from Kyle Pedley

REVIEW - Does 'Da Vinci' at the Grand crack the Film-to-Stage adapation code?

There’s something innately quite bookish about Dan Brown’s chart-storming mystery thriller The Da Vinci Code, mish-mashing as it does an at-times bonkers bricolage of history, religious iconography, conspiracy theory and a hefty dose of riddles and wordplay. Sure, it tiptoes into fairly rote Brown territory of shadowy operations, double-crosses and globetrotting, but it is principally a fairly cerebral affair.

REVIEW: DICK WHITTINGTON at the Wolverhampton Grand

Comically dressed as Boris Johnson, impressionist Aaron James struts across the Grand’s slightly-canted boards, promising the audience he’s “going to fix this mess”. He’s talking, it transpires, about his hair.

REVIEW - 'After the End' by Pop-Up Theatre (Stourbridge)

THERE'S a topical undercurrent that courses through Dennis Kelly’s After The End that seems to somehow become only more prescient with each passing year. Debuting in 2005, it’s true that the spectres of the War on Terror, the invasion of Iraq and post-9/11 neuroses can be felt in much of the socio-political commentary and debate littered throughout this claustrophobic piece, centring as it does around two young friends taking refuge in a fallout shelter after a nuclear attack.