WOLVERHAMPTON Grand Theatre proves the perfect setting for this adaptation of Henry James' creepy novella Turn of the Screw.

The intimate theatre lends itself well to this dark dramatisation of the 1898 Victorian thriller - adapted for the stage by Tim Luscombe.

Eastenders actress Carli Norris is engaging as The Governess tasked with looking after two vivacious young orphans virtually abandoned by their distant uncle and left haunted by ghosts at their family's country mansion Bly. Although theatregoers not familiar with this tale may find it difficult to understand the complex lead character, her thoughts and her motivations.

But perhaps in a way that adds to eeriness of this production by Dermot McLaughlin Productions, Mercury Theatre Colchester and The Grand.

Staging, lighting and music could not be more appropriate for this ghostly tale directed by Daniel Buckroyd.

Creepy piano notes, a shadowy set lit up occasionally by sudden bursts of light to jolt theatregoers from their comfortable positions and a minimalistic set with suitable Victorian props helps to bring the mysterious tale to life.

Energetic Annabel Smith as Mrs Conray and Michael Hanratty as The Man have their work cut out doubling up as the two lively children, Flora and Miles, and other characters - with no costume changes and virtually no pausing between the switches.

This works for much of the play but may leave some audience members scratching their heads at times - especially given the complexities of the storyline.

The play runs at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre until Saturday April 14.

For tickets and more information check out www.turnofthescrewplay.com.