On the 20th of October, I participated in a volunteering activity where students at Shrewsbury School painted and decorated ceramic, festive ornaments to sell at a Christmas fair to be hosted at the school next month. The fair is open to the public and all the money raised from the sale of goods will be donated to St Barnabas food bank in Shrewsbury. There is a small entry fee for adults.

There has been a significant increase in users of this food bank in Shrewsbury since the cost of living in the UK has shot up, meaning food is becoming more expensive and fewer families and individuals can afford it. The food bank relies on donations, as most of the staff working there are volunteers, giving up their free time to help with this continuing issue. The Shrewsbury food bank goes further than parceling and shipping donated food, toiletries and cleaning products to individuals and families weekly; they offer financial advice and household items to those in need of them. With the struggle to afford basic needs becoming more acute, many residents of Shrewsbury are struggling with debt, employment, and family issues. However, the Shrewsbury food bank volunteers are combatting this with kindness and generosity. With the help of donations from Shrewsbury School, and hundreds of other individuals, the food bank is continuing to change lives and enhance happiness for many families in need this winter. 

It is simple to donate to the food bank, and therefore simple to have a positive impact on someone who may struggle this Christmas. Donations can be made by following the instructions of the website. You can also donate at the local ASDA, Co-op, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s or directly at the Shrewsbury Food Bank itself.