AFTER parting company with a major record label The Hoosiers are searching for world domination on their own.

The band’s first album sold a million but these are strange times in the music business, internet piracy and digital downloads mean less cash for big labels and sometimes only guaranteed top-ten success will do.

While The Hoosiers worked on a follow up to their 2007 album The Trick To Life the industry became ultra risk-averse and their label, RCA, eventually cut them loose.

Undaunted by being out of contract they are self-promoting their second album, Bumpy Ride.

During a visit to Stourbridge Hoosiers Irwin Sparkes and Al Sharland took time for a chat with The Base Sessions about the future in a music business where the gap between rags and riches can be as thin as a solitary chart position.

Bumpy Ride is out on Monday April 11 and the deluxe version features a bonus DVD including acoustic versions of their best-known hits - Worried About A and Goodbye Mr Ray.

The Hoosiers are also planning a tour in May and say previous success means they have financial security to begin work on new songs for a third album.