SINGER/songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwich is being tipped for summer success with his debut album.

The Yorkshire 21-year-old, who will be releasing his ten-track album Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm on Monday July 4, took time out for a chat with the Base Sessions team during a visit to Birmingham earlier this month.

He is described as one of the UK’s most exciting prospects and the Sunday Times said Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm is “beautiful” but Ben says he keeps his work simple and his creative identity uncluttered.

He said: “I don’t think I’m folk, nor am I straight indie. I write songs and I play guitar and I think it’s varied on the album and it will be in the future.

“The title singer-songwriter is appropriate. The term is usually applied to people like James Morrison and James Blunt, but really they play down-the-line pop.

“It’s people like Elliot Smith, Bob Dylan and John Lennon that can be considered true singer-songwriters.”

Work on songs for Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm started when Ben was in his teens and teaching himself to play guitar.

The album, like Ben’s previous two EPs - A Million Miles Out and Pictures, was produced by Ian Grimble (Mumford & Sons, Manic Street Preachers) and the partnership has already helped Ben scoop high-profile backing from Radio 1 and XFM.