INDIE band Gucci Pimp have been in the Black Country to help kick off a new music showcase in Stourbridge.

The Birmingham four-piece are among the first performers to play live at Friday Links – an event which features artists selected by music writer Roland Link.

Friday Links gigs take place at Base Studios in Rufford Road and Gucci Pimp took time to chat with Roland for the Base Sessions cameras during their visit earlier this month.

The band draws on a variety of influences to create a sound which they say ranges from the subtle to explosive.

Roland Link said: “Believe me, try to pigeon hole them at your peril. If pushed lead vocalist/guitarist Matt will admit a love of US west coast Americana and east coast blitzkrieg courtesy of The Stooges, but in all honesty these are just two contributing elements.

“They can rock hard, they can captivate with a vocal/bass driven offering, can blow the roof off and can lead you in an almost evangelical stomp.

“Throughout it all they do it with style, melody and a sense of rock ‘n’ roll swagger. These boys look sharp, play sharp and leave you with a reinvigorated love of live, pulsating music.”

Gucci Pimp will be back for another Friday Links session at the Base on Friday September 9 with Sweden’s Alibi Tom.