FLATLINE Stereo literally wear their musical hearts on their sleaves to show where their rock roots lie.

The punk group’s singer Leigh Bucknell as a Ramones tattoo on his arm while drummer Jimmy Stix shows his support for Green Day in the same fashion.

Bassist Dan Gill does not have the same style of body art but he completes a trio who painted a perfect punk picture at Base Studios earlier this month.

During their visit for a gig at the venue’s new Friday Links night, the band took time for a Base Sessions chat with the show’s host, music writer Roland Link.

Flatline Stereo hail from Wolverhampton and got together in December last year.

They are currently promoting their debut five-track EP called Dressed Up To Tumble Down, which came out in May.

The band is now planning to start work on an album having finished building their own practice and recording studio and, despite a relatively short time together, they already seem to have perfected producuing an explosive live show.

Their mix of original songs and punk standards like The Clash’s I Fought The Law and Green Day’s Basket Case had Roland remembering the golden age of punk.

He said: “This band are worth the attention of anybody remotely interested in young, exciting rock ‘n roll bands with fire in their hearts, a nod to yesterday’s greatness and an eye on the future.

“They’re about big choruses, great verses and a highly tuned instinct to the fine craft of songwriting.”