STAND-UP comedy is the new rock n’ roll with big tours by top artists selling out arena sized venues.

Just like the music industry, live shows are at the heart of making it big in stand-up and Craig Campbell is one of comedy’s genuine road warriors, having spent much of this year on tour around the UK.

The motorcycling comedian was in Stourbridge for a gig at the Town Hall last week and a Base Sessions crew caught up with him to hear how he is coping with life in the fast lane.

Canadian-born Craig says one of the joys of living in the UK, he has been resident in this country for more than ten years, is to be able to travel from place to place quickly rather than having to cover the vast distances of his homeland.

Craig has been compared to another comedian who loves to travel, Billy Connolly, and the similarity extends beyond the beard and long hair, his observational style and uncompromising delivery has made Craig a regular on British TV, performing alongside comedy’s biggest names.

He said: “I believe the gulf between my and Billy Connolly’s comedy talents could similarly be compared were it not for the Edinburgh Evening News audacious claim that 'I bring a story to life' just like King Billy does.

“They said it so far be it from me to argue with them, what joy can be found in debating compliments? Instead I'm clingin' to that quote like a limpet to a lighthouse.”

Craig Campbell is back in the Black Country at Wolverhampton’s Slade Rooms on Thursday October 27.