INDIE band Halfway To New York headed north from their native London to visit a school in Hagley.

The five-piece band, who are making a name for themselves with a sound moulded around melodic rock and emotive lyrics, called at Hagley RC School, Brake Lane, on Monday November 28 to play live in the school hall before meeting students to talk music and sign autographs.

Halfway To New York were making another visit to the region following a recent stop in Stourbridge to record an exclusive video interview for our online feature - The Base Sessions.

The band is busy promoting their recently released debut single, Out of Time, which was mixed by Simon Gogerly who won a Grammy for his work on U2's How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.

Singer Sam Burkey, said: "Out of Time was the first song we wrote, once we found the chorus it kinda wrote the rest itself.

"The premise of the song is that some things in life end for no reason and you don't always have to go searching for answers as to why - there isn't always someone to blame.”

Worcestershire Arts Education head of music Fred Mallinson organised the band's visit to the school and says they were a hit with pupils.

He said: "We were delighted to have them at the school, the kids really enjoyed having them here, there was a great buzz about the place.

"It helps students relate to performers and see they are not just people on TV and the internet; they are there and just two feet away."

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