Birmingham based band Hansu-Tori will release their hotly anticipated album ‘An Improvised Escape‘, later this month.

With a unique sound, Hansu-Tori successfully marry cinematic melodies and rich harmonies with the spirit and language of cutting-edge jazz.

Ever eclectic and genre defiant, ‘An Improvised Escape’ looks set to top the success of their debut - ‘The Dark Red Room’ – popularly featured across BBC 3 Radio and Jazz FM.

Recorded in Liverpool and mastered in New York by the iconic Scot Hull whose portfolio features the likes of Sting and John Mayer, ‘An Improvised Escape’ confidently showcases 12 awe-inspiring tracks of pure home grown talent.

Armed with what lead singer, pianist and composer David Austin Grey cites as “‘a collective desire to push the music forward and in different directions”, is a record layered with diversity.

The group saw their talent collide in 2008, while studying at the Birmingham Conservatoire and their sound and organic approach to improvisation stems from their very name.

Grey added: “Jim, Nick and myself all study martial arts. Eastern concepts are a huge influence to the compositions that I bring to the band and the way in which we approach the music.

“The Korean Term ‘Hansu’ itself means water – and ‘Tori’ is the Japanese for Bird. The two together symbolise strength, flexibility and harmony for us.”

Hansu-Tori’s album launch party will take place at the Fleet Street Kitchen at 8pm on September 29.

Their UK tour kicks off with a free gig at the Birmingham Symphony Hall cafe bar on October 3 at 5pm.