A TRIO of former Prestatyn High pupils have been deputised by none other than federal agent Jack Bauer.

The Rhuddlan country blues three piece The Goat Roper Rodeo band have just completed their biggest tour to date, supporting the Canadian 24 actor and musician Kiefer Sutherland.

The band, comprised of brothers Jim and Tom Davies along with childhood friend Sam Roberts, were approached “completely out the blue” by Mr Sutherland’s tour manager for his Reckless and Me album tour, joining him in Exeter, Bournemouth, Aberdeen and Edinburgh before the final show in York at the Barbican on Thursday, August 8.

Guitarist Jim Davies, said: “The tour was absolutely fantastic, we had such fun every night, getting to know his band and all of the crew was a blast. It couldn't have gone any better, all the shows were brilliant and we're lucky to have been a part of that.

“At first we were absolutely shocked when we first were asked if we'd be interested. We can only speculate as to why exactly we were chosen, our agent at TRJ Management and Kiefer's manager both deserve an ice cream that's for sure!

“It's hard to choose a highlight, many moments we'll savour but I think getting to meet Kiefer for the first time, him buying our new record on vinyl after the first show probably takes it for the best moment.”

While touring with the Lost Boys and Stand By Me star – and son of Donald Sutherland – is a major endorsement for the band, Mr Sutherland isn’t their first high profile supporter.

Their 2016 second album Country Music Blue was picked up by Romeo Stodart of the English Mercury Prize nominated band The Magic Numbers, whose 2005 debut self-titled album reached number 7 in the UK charts.

However, only one third of the group were schooled in the Emmy award winner’s acting career prior to the tour.

“Mr Davies added: “Sam actually is the most familiar with his work, me and Tom have never seen Lost Boys or 24. I've always known he was an actor, so we're planning on seeing what all the fuss is about Kiefer on the big screen.

“Although one night in the audience a clear lover of 24 shouted out "Jack!". Kiefer halted his sentence then replied "He's tied up out back!", and the whole place erupted with laughter.

“Last night in York was the end of our run and after our show he came and thanked us again, he gave us all a big hug and asked if we've had a good time, the answer was written all over our faces.

“We'll see who knows what the future holds for us and Kiefer - I'm sure we'll be seeing him again down the line.”

Before a reunion with Mr Sutherland, the hard working band will follow up this tour and their March 2019 dates in September to continue promoting their third album Tall Grass, starting at the Raven Folk Club in Chester on Sunday 8, with a gig scheduled for Blue sky Café in Bangor on Wednesday, October 2.