FIRST she was a YouTube sensation, then a stage star with an autobiography and a TV show in the offing - and now lazy cow Doreen is a fully fledged movie star!

The cult comedy character, who bemoans her life on benefits, is brought wonderfully to the big screen in David Tristram's Doreen The Movie which aired to a sell out crowd at Stourbridge Town Hall on Friday November 20.

Watching Black Country actress Gill Jordan bring the popular character to life is always a delight but in her big screen debut - Doreen is bigger, better, lazier and funnier than ever.

The feature length film, which was written, produced, directed, filmed and edited by Quarry Bank born writer and film-maker David Tristram, is comedy gold.

Together movie-maker Tristram and his trusty, talented star Jordan, from Walsall, have created what's become a comedy icon capable of selling out theatres across the region - quicker than some long established acts.

And such is the draw of Doreen that rock legend Robert Plant, football star Steve Bull and popular newsreader Nick Owen all made cameo appearances in the film which also features an array of brilliant supporting actors.

Fizzogs star Jacky Fellows is delightful as Doreen's long suffering neighbour and ironing lady Doris; while fellow Fizzog Emma Rollason is engaging and proves her versatility as both Doreen's wayward daughter Troll and Doreen's elderly cake-munching, wheelchair bound relative - our Miriam.

Rob Phillips as Doris's handyman husband Jack, Tom Roberts as the boss of social services and Darren Hayward as an infuriated job centre manager are also among the superb supporting cast members.

The film is also beautifully shot and edited - despite David Tristram's hilarious admission at the start of the movie that there were more than 400 continuity errors; none of which were evident by the way.

Some of the scenes look familiar - having been tried and tested as part of An Audience with Doreen but they're still a treat second time round, as any great comedy moments usually are.

If this big screen outing is merely an attempt to show TV bosses what they are missing - they ought to now be queuing to turn Doreen into a household comedy phenomenon.

But they'll have to hurry, David Tristram appears to be doing it all by himself!

Doreen The Movie is set to run at Netherton Arts Centre this weekend but all tickets have now sold out.

The film, however, is now available to buy on DVD - and Doreen can also be seen in the flesh in Doreen's Christmas Cracker show which is running at venues around the Midlands, including Netherton, this December.

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