DUDLEY Little Theatre is appealing for help to find a permanent base to store staging and equipment.

The critically-acclaimed company, which has been putting on plays at Netherton Arts Centre since 1947, has been struggling to find somewhere to suitable to keep its extensive collection of props and stage equipment.

Members have been having to store items in spare corners of their garages and at various locations since last year when the group lost the use of a regular storage facility in Netherton which had been leased to the company for a modest rent.

Society spokesman Chris Ridgeway said: "It's a real struggle; it's just scattered all over the place - it's in people's garages and any available spaces members have been able to provide; and the costumes are in the belfry tower in a church in Netherton which is a bit of a problem to get to but at least we know it's dry.

"It is not tenable long-term and has already caused considerable problems over this season."

The group is set to celebrate 70 seasons of performances next year (September 2017 to May 2018) and is planning to ask members and theatregoers to vote on which plays they would like to see performed during the anniversary year.

Chris said: "It is devastating to have run out of storage options at such a time. Securing an accessible home for the staging and equipment would be brilliant."

Anyone able to help can contact Dudley Little Theatre’s chairman Rebecca Clee on 01902 566077 or 07954 424555.