CUSTOMERS dining at an Indian restaurant in Wollaston were shocked when the internationally renowned magician, Dynamo dropped by.

The illusionist, whose real name is Steven Frayne, visited The Red Forte restaurant, High Street, on Friday September 13.

After he had polished off his chicken tikka and salad, he amazed customers and staff with a few of his mind boggling tricks and popped open a bottle of champagne without touching it and turned a paper napkin into £20 note.

The restaurant's marketing manager, Olivur Khan, said that once the word got round that the famous magician was in the building, crowds started to gather outside.

Mr Khan said that the staff had no idea that the star was going to drop by as he had made the booking under a different name.

He added: “Dynamo came with his partner and her family, it was his partner’s sister's birthday. They came at 9pm and left after 11pm. All staff watch his show so immediately noticed him and all of the customers recognised him and wanted to take photos with him. Unfortunately we had to turn them down.”

Dynamo told the News via Twitter that his experience at the restaurant was "brilliant" and added: "Great night out with the family! Great staff too!"