SENIOR Tory minister Baroness Sayeeda Warsi visited Lye to encourage the community to get involved with politics ahead of Thursday's local elections.

The minister of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs was greeted by more than 50 residents at Lye's Ghausia Jamia Mosque, including Asan Mishaq, the Conservative candidate for Lye and Stourbridge North.

Baroness Warsi, who is also minister for faith and communities, spoke in Urdu at the meeting on Thursday evening, much to the disappointment of Lye resident, Craig Greenwell.

Mr Greenwell said he attended to "see what the Conservatives had to say" in order to make an informed decision about who to vote for but added: "I didn't have a clue what the Baroness was saying, as it was in Urdu.

"I think it should have been translated into English as well."

Mr Mishaq, told the News that the Baroness' speech was due to be translated, but as she was running late for the event, changes had to be made.

He said: "We had to cut short the overall agenda and in the final changes, we didn't have the opportunity to translate.

"I really appreciate feedback, these are the kind of things I am open-minded to and anything we can do to improve communication, we will do our best to do.

"Her main message was to encourage the community to participate in politics and she also spoke about how the Conservative government has improved the country."

Mr Mishaq added: "She is also from the same province in Pakistan as most of the Asian and Muslim community that lives in Lye. She was proud of that and glad to have the opportunity to come and see these people.

"The audience was very excited and very pleased that she had taken the time to come and see them."