TWO Wordsley youngsters experienced what it was like to be a vet, thanks to a project that makes children's wishes come true.

Joshua Jones, aged 11, of Marlborough Gardens, recently spent time on the children's ward at Russells Hall Hospital, due to a serious chest infection related to asthma.

Nicole Allen, aged eight, of Primrose Hill, was also admitted to the ward with suspected meningitis.

Although the pair were hospitalised for different reasons, they did have one thing in common - the desire to be a vet for the day.

The Wishing Well project, which works with sick children at the hospital to grant their wishes, made their dream come true and arranged for them to go behind the scenes at Powis & Partners Vets Practice, Wordsley, on Thursday (June 12).

Wishing Well stalwart Steve Ford said: "During their visit, Joshua's hand went up that many time asking questions. Even though he is only 11, I think he really wants to be a vet.

"They saw where all the medication was kept and where animals are weighed and how x-rays are done and then they went to the backroom where all the in-patients are kept.

"I could see from their smiles that they had a good time."