A WORDSLEY woman with a history of mental health problems took an overdose after becoming increasingly depressed following her mother's death, an inquest was told.

Police discovered Catriona Brown's body in the bedroom of her Sandringham Road home on November 9 last year, after concerned neighbours raised the alarm.

PC Daniel Lewis told today's (July 29) inquest at Smethwick Coroners Court that officers had forced entry and found the 52-year-old slumped against her bedroom door.

He said Miss Brown had also left a note on her bedside table, addressed to her doctor.

The inquest was told that Miss Brown had suffered with mental health problems since she was 21 and was later diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder.

She had been taking medication but often expressed suicidal tendencies to both health professionals and friends.

Her neighbour, Ann Bayliss, told the inquest that Miss Brown had been her mother's sole carer after her father died in 1994.

She said the death of Miss Brown's mother in 2012 had "impacted her greatly" and continued: "She was depressed all of the time. She'd always told me that when the time was right she would take extra medication.

"I tried to offset that with her faith but she was a firm believer that God was non-judgemental and would understand her reasons. She just wanted to be with her parents."

Assistant deputy coroner Angus Smillie said a toxicology report found levels of dosulepin in Miss Brown's system that were "well above the therapeutic usage".

He concluded she deliberately took an overdose to end her own life.