THERE are many romantic gestures you can make on Valentine's Day but a delicious supper using ingredients to inspire desire is a wooing winner.

Serious lovers will also know that sex and food have always been linked and slipping in those so-called aphrodisiacs such as oysters, asparagus, mango and vanilla adds to the fun.

Oysters, probably because of their appearance and appealing texture - what experts call "mouth feel" - are reputed to be a key libido booster.

They're also rich in zinc, which is vital for testosterone production.

Other key ingredients are mango, partly because the tree is regarded as a symbol of love in India, while asparagus has a phallic shape, and vanilla with its calming, soothing effect is thought to help women's libido.

Claire Taylor from Morrisons has concocted two recipes for a loving feast.

"Fresh mango, asparagus, oysters and vanilla are all foods of love and our exclusive recipes, made with ingredients found in our stores, will help you woo and wow your partner this Valentines day," she says.

"Nothing shows how much you care more than a lovingly prepared meal for your partner.

"We are sure that these easy to prepare recipes will help you to win your Valentine's heart."