KINGSWINFORD folk have once again been hit by a hoaxer.

Shoppers in the village have been left bemused by a poster placed on the doorway of a small building next to King's Fish Bar saying a new Wetherspoons pub is to open shortly.

The notice says the budget pub chain is to open a new Microspoons boozer called The Shorter Arms - a mini bar staffed by a "person of reduced height", with capacity for just three customers - of shorter than average stature, who would be able to watch Sky Sports on a three-inch micro screen.

The poster adds that the proposed tiny boozer will stock just one strong European lager and an optics selection comprising of miniatures.

One perplexed villager told the News: "It all seems a bit odd to me because the building is tiny. Wetherspoons are saying it is going to be a 'Microspoons', which is something I've never even heard of."

The poster explains: "The philosophy of this venture is simple - less is more.

"Careful market research suggests that our customers are becoming increasingly bewildered by the sheer amount of alcohol we offer in our larger public houses. With this in mind we intend to completely simplify the drinking experience - choice is confusing."

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: "This is clearly a hoax and we are not sure that anyone will be fooled by this. However it is likely to provide some amusement to people in the area and that can't be a bad thing."

The poster has all the hallmarks of being the work of the almost-forgotten Kingswinford Hoaxer who played a series of light-hearted tricks on credulous villagers more than a decade ago.

The crafty, comic con-artist kidded Kingswinford folk into believing humorous hoaxes ranging from plans being unveiled for a mega gypsy site in the village to a crocodile taking up residence in King George VI Park.

The cheeky trickster even gave an interview to the News about the comedy campaign - albeit from behind a mask.

However, for the last few years - apart from having a Facebook site - the Hoaxer has remained under the radar. But could the prankster be up to old tricks again?