A WOMAN was rescued from a muddy bridleway after she fell off her horse in Belbroughton.

The 45-year-old came off her horse on a path around half a mile away from Waystone Lane yesterday (Monday) at 3pm.

Due to the narrowness of the track, attending paramedics were concerned the ambulance would get stuck so called the Hazardous Area Response Team to assist.

The team used their specialised Polaris six wheel drive vehicle to get to the woman, who was treated for suspected concussion and bruising to her ribs.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "There was no way the ambulance crew could get anywhere near her in their vehicle despite their efforts.

“Despite the Polaris being a relatively small vehicle, the driver had to reverse it the half mile back to the ambulance as the track was too narrow to turn around.

"The woman wasn’t able to fully recall what had happened though the ambulance crew were told that she probably hadn’t been fully unconscious."

The woman was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital for further assessment and treatment.